Shiitake mushroom is widely available in South East Asia and it is one of the top five cultivated edible mushrooms. Its technical name is Lentinula Edodes and it is available in both dried and fresh formats across the grocery shops.

Shiitake mushroom is consumed across Japan, China, and Korea for their rich medicinal and nutritional properties.

Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushroom have high medicinal and nutritional value

It is a rich source of Proteins, Antioxidants, Minerals, and Vitamins.

  • Rich source of Vitamins, especially Vitamin D2 and B Vitamins such as B1, B2, B12, and Pantothenic Acid.
  • It is a good source of antioxidative minerals like Selenium, Manganese, and zinc, and also has significant concentrations of Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus.
  • Shiitake mushroom contains nearly 55% carbohydrates, 23% protein (digestibility of which is 80%), about 9% soluble dietary fiber, and about 3% lipids.
Dried Shiitake mushrooms

Health Benefits of Shiitake Mushroom

  • Research based on the animal study has concluded that it inhibits fat deposition and lowers triglycerides. Hence, it is a great functional food to prevent obesity.
  • Heart-healthy – reduces cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Carries bioactive compounds that have antibiotic, anticarcinogenic, antithrombotic, and antiviral (interferon-inducing) properties.
  • Due to its high concentration of bioactive compounds, shiitake supports the Immune System. Hence should be included in the diets of cancer patients and those suffering from AIDS.
  • Shiitake is one of a plant based source of essential Vitamins like Vitamin D and B12.

Healthy Wraps – Shiitake Mushroom, Lemon Basil, and Vegetables of Choice

This recipe is fairly easy and can be customized per the availability of ingredients. You will be ensured of rich flavor and aroma with the use of fresh basil and shiitake mushroom.

This is a great meal option for Diabetics, new and expecting mothers and those suffering from inflammatory disorders.

Cooking Tips and Suggestions

  1. The vegetable mix with Shiitake Mushroom is easy to make and takes very less time.
  2. The only trick here would be left in making good base for the wraps. We chose Indian pan-cooked bread – chapati or roti for wrap’s base. It is a popular staple food across Northern India.
  3. In case you find this part tricky, replace chapati with tortilla wraps or wholemeal wraps base.

Shiitake Mushroom and Lemon Basil Healthy Wraps

Shiitake mushroom wraps is a healthy and nutritious meal option. It is an easy and quick preparation. This recipe is rich in fiber, Vitamins, Proteins, and Minerals. It is kids friendly. It is highly satiating and nourishing.
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time20 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Indian
Diet: Diabetic, Hindu, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Vegetarian
Keyword: healthy wraps, shiitake
Servings: 5 people
Author: Nidhi Bansal
Cost: $10


  • Pan or Skillet


  • 250 g Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms
  • 100 g Baby Corn Optional Or It can also be replaced with fresh corn.
  • 2 Medium Leeks
  • 3 Garlic Cloves
  • 100 g Cherry Tomatoes Or Regular ripe tomatoes
  • 1 cup Fresh Lemon Basil Or Sweet Basil /Coriander Leaves/ Thyme / Italian Basil
  • 2 tsp Rock Salt To taste
  • 2 tbsp Cooking Oil Pure and Unrefined Oils of your choice. We used olive oil.
  • tsp Black Pepper Optional
  • 50 g Hard Cheese We used Gouda cheese here. It can be replaced with Paneer (Indian cottage cheese), or other cheese such as Mozzarella, or with Tofu per availability in your region.
  • 2 tsp Vinegar We used rice vinegar – (optional)
  • 1 tbsp Roasted black/white sesame seeds
  • 3 cups Whole wheat flour To make chapati dough for 10-12 chapatis
  • 5 tsp Ghee or Pure Olive Oil To make chapati.


Preparing and Cooking the Veggies

  • Wash and chop the shiitake mushroom to 1 cm pieces. Keep aside.
  • Chop the baby corn, leeks, and cherry tomatoes to 1 cm pieces as well.
  • Coarsely chop the lemon basil.
  • Finely chop the garlic.
  • Grate the cheese and keep it aside.
  • Heat an iron skillet or a deep pan and add vegetable oil.
  • Add garlic and stir till it turns golden brown.
  • Add the mushrooms, stir on medium heat for 5 mins till they soften and start to release water.
  • Add the rest of the cut vegetables and salt. Mix well and cover on low heat for another 5-7 mins.
  • When vegetables are almost cooked, then add chopped lemon basil, pepper, and sesame seeds. Mix well and cover. Keep the heat on for another 5 mins on low.

Making the Wraps

  • On the other side, start rolling and the dough into small balls and flatten it to make chapati.
  • Heat a flat pan and cook the chapati with 1-2 drops of oil on both sides.
  • Once the chapati is cooked, add the vegetable mix inside and sprinkle grated cheese on top of the vegetable mix.
  • With the heat of the vegetables and chapati, the cheese will melt immediately, thus adding to the texture and flavor.
  • Fold in half as shown in the picture and serve as it is or accompanied by Hummus/Guacamole/Hot Chili sauce. Enjoy!

To make Chapati from whole wheat flour – Atta

  • Start kneading the dough by slowly adding water (in tablespoons) to the flour. Keep kneading the dough simultaneously.
  • Once the dough is made, keep it aside and cover it for 10 mins.

To make the Chapati – Indian Flat bread

  • Roll the dough into small golf-ball shaped balls.
  • Flatten the balls with a roller to make circular discs.
  • Place the disc on a hot pan and heat it well on both sides to make hot Chapatis. Apply oil if needed.

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